Feeling shit

So, tonight I found out that two of my good friends have been sleeping together for a year.  I, apparently, am one of the last people to know.  This, in itself, is not surprising, but a bit shit.  I remember when this happened in high school – two of my best friends, we were always together, the three of us, and then it turned out that they were sleeping together, making me the third wheel for about 90% of our time together.

Anyway.  Yes, these two friends are sleeping together.  I went to visit one of the two in her home country not two weekend ago and spent two lovely evenings with her and her ACTUAL BOYFRIEND.  What the fuck is that?

I spend so much time defending people to my boyfriend, telling him that people are, at heart, nice and lovely and trustworthy, but all that is just bullshit, isn’t it?  People are generally selfish.  They do what they want, with who they want. I really like her boyfriend.  He knows about it now too.  That is so shit.  He is so nice and treats her like a princess.  I can appreciate that people make mistakes and people aren’t always right for each other in relationships etc, but cheating FOR A YEAR???  And now I am fairly sure she isn’t just cheating with him.  It is all just such a shit situation.

Maybe I am just drunk.  Probably.  But it’s all a bit too much for me right now.  Good night.

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