Ever since they decided to renovate Spitalifields market, that place has been going a bit downhill.  Today I went for the first time in months (probably over a year, which is scary seeing how close by it is).  It is so depressing.  It has become just another shopping mall.  The food court has some great chains (Leon, GBK, Wagamama etc), but they are still chains.  The pie place is nowhere to be seen.  The stalls within have become way more expensive (£50 for SECOND HAND BOOTS??? WTF?) and way less interesting.  There has been a Benefit in the market for a while now, but now there is an Agnes B.  I mean, nice shop and all, but it really does not belong there.  I have said jokingly in the past that I want the east to gentrify because it will do wonders for the value of our flat, but I take it back now.  I want it to go back to the way it was!  Scummy and overcrowded, but at least it had a great personality…

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