I always feel like somebody’s watching me…

Last Thursday the 13th of November, a delivery man came to my flat to deliver a package from ASOS.  I signed for it and the package was delivered.  The only problem is, I wasn’t at home.  I wasn’t anywhere near home.  I was at work, as was my boyfriend.  So the question is, who is this mysterious person signing for packages pretending to be me?

I hope to God it is my neighbour, who speaks so little English she probably just signed whatever was thrust under her nose.  Sadly she and family seem to be on holiday so it will remain a mystery until they get back to their flat.

I always thought that if a delivery person delivered something to somewhere other than your house, they should leave some kind of a note saying that’s what they had done, right? But there is sadly no note in my hallway hidden amongst the pizza and Chinese takeaways.

The person at ASOS seemed to think they might have left it in a “safe place” – in a shed, side passage etc.  I know she doesn’t realise I live in a council flat in east London, but really.  Nowhere here is really a “safe place” for un-tied down packages…

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