Our electric shower is broken so we’ve been bucket-bathing all week.  Very not fun.  Yesterday I went to the gym with two purposes: 1. Use their shower to wash my hair. 2. Weigh myself (I haven’t been on the scales since I started this whole thing back in December).

Actually using the gym was kind of a side note, which is a good thing because it was so smelly and crowded (they have stuffed it full of around twice as many machines) that I couldn’t only bear to do 20 minutes.

But then they had removed the scales, so I couldn’t weigh myself, and then the shower was hot but on a 30 second timer, so I kept having to stop every 30 seconds to reset it.  Annoying!

Supposedly our replacement shower is being shipped today.  I hope we can get it installed before the weekend.  I am not a fan of sitting in bath water at all.

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