Easy moussaka

This was really easy and easily the best meal I have had all week.  It’s kind of like a DIY moussaka.  I put a massive pot of cinammon spiced lamb and aubergine on the table, along with crumbled feta, chopped up mint, coriander and then some pitta bread and salad on the side.  It was AMAZING.  Really, really, very tasty.  It was given a 10/10 by both me and the friends I had over for dinner.  Definitely one to try again.

Well, my week of one-pot cooking is over and overall, it was really successful.  The dishes are easy and very adaptable.  Some of the timings and liquid quantities were a bit off, but I’ve also been using the pots I own which are big enough to take this much food, which aren’t many.  Next time I do these dishes, I will halve the quantity and use my smaller, but much better, dishes to cook them in.  Or just cook it all in my le creuset, which is what I did tonight…

From Good Food: 101 One-Pot Dishes

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