Book review: On Chesil Beach

I read this yesterday in the train from Cardiff to London (two hours), so it is not a long book.  I was on the train with a whole group of colleagues, some from the BBC, some from product licensee companys, none of whom I knew very well.  I ended up sitting on my own, which was fortunate because I really wanted to read this book, but I really didn’t think it was the time or place to start wailing on the train.  Luckily I managed to constrain myself, but I definitely had to wipe away tears.

On Chesil Beach is not sad because of dramatic deaths or sudden events or anything like that.  It is just about the way that ordinary life can get in the way of the future you always wanted. I know this feeling and it tore me to bits on the train. This is a brilliantly written book, but I found it so sad I am not sure I could recommend it.  But then I guess I have to because it would affect everyone in a different way and I would love to know what other people thought of it.

On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan

Have you read it? What did you think?

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