Letters from Julia

I just got home from a few weeks at my grandmother’s house, helping my mother to go through the things that she left behind.  One of the things I am now going to do is find some way of copying out all of the letters she left behind.  I was just going to photocopy them or scan them in, and I think I will still try to do that, but Gma’s handwriting was not that legible at the best of times, and although I can read it quite well, the next generation certainly won’t be able to make head or tails of it. So I’ve started to type them up.  I’ve only got through 2 letters so far as they are 6 or 7 pages each, all written in her tiny spidery handwriting.  But they are so interesting and most of all, SO her.  It makes me miss her all over again, but also it is such a fun thing to do – she travelled all over the world and had such adventures – I am really looking forward to making my way through the pile!

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