Advert, Lunar Youth & Hatcham Social @Hoxton

It shows how out of touch I am with the young that I originally thought that the music on offer last night at the Hoxton Bar and Restaurant was nu graze. Something to do with Lambing Live? I thought, optimistically. Will Kate Humble be there? I googled it, but found no results.

Well, first of all, it is nu gaze, not nu graze, so certainly nothing to do with revolutionary farming. Apparently it is a revival of the shoegaze scene of the early 90s. What was that, you say? I have no bloody idea, but I’m going to go for emo, because it certainly started off that way.

The gig started with a very young band called Advert. I am not 100% sure what they were doing up on that stage. I felt like a very old lady indeed, standing there with my white wine and my Ted Baker coat. “It’s just a load of noise, isn’t it?” I mean, they didn’t even sing, apart from in their last song where they chanted ‘Listen to the sound’ over and over again. Sorry guys, but I don’t really want to. The members of the band were pretty sweet though. They looked about 12, but I guess they must have been in their late teens. The one in the middle had this style:

Which I saw a lot last night, on both men and women. But, I guess the look and sound were working for him. When I left at 10:30, he was sucking face with a cute teenage girl, so maybe he’s not too worried about talent. ‘I’m in a band’ still works for me and I’m almost 30 so…

The second band was called Lunar Youth and I actually really liked them. There were a couple of really good tracks and they looked as though they were having a really good time. Especially the drummer. He was AMAZING. He looked like he was having the time of his life. Smiling and laughing and singing and drumming. That’s the way all band members should be! Also the bassist was hot.

The third band, Hatcham Social, who we were actually there to see, were great, apart from their backup female vocalist who looked as though she would rather be anywhere else in life but up on that stage. We had many back stories invented for her: She had recently arrived from Estonia with grand dreams of becoming a star, but instead was being forced against her will to sing at a small Hoxton bar; She was on crack or heroin and didn’t even know she was on stage; She had just broke up with the lead singer and hated his very essence, but didn’t want to miss out on her £50 stage fee; someone had killed her kitten; the list went on. Poor girl. I hope she feels better today.

Other than that, the band were great. The lead singer reminded me of a friend I had when I was about 10, with a bit of a curtain hairstyle, and the guitarist had one of those horrible teeny moustaches that I thought died out with the end of Movember, but they had fantastic energy. They were bounding around the stage having a brilliant time and it was really infectious. Soon the whole room was crowded with people, not exactly dancing (you can’t really dance to that kind of music, can you?), but bobbing up and down energetically at least.

Very good night for a Monday, even if I am completely knackered today. Hoxton -> Ealing = far, far away.

Next gig (planned, at least): Phoenix on the 30th. I am SO EXCITED.

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