Reasons to be cheerful

  1. I am back in Bethnal Green! This morning I left Ealing at 9:30 and was in my new flat and unpacked by 12:30. This left plenty of time to meet up with a friend, go to the pub for a roast and a pint, go to the supermarket and be back in time to read the papers. I like being back east.
  2. I love my room! It is perdy and has ensuite which is very exciting. I haven’t had ensuite since my first year at uni, and seeing as I could shower and pee at the same time in that room, it hardly counts.
  3. I have the day off tomorrow.
  4. I am warm! After a month of being perpetually cold at my grandmother’s house, it is still fairly revolutionary to turn the heater on and then be warm. My fingers don’t feel as though they are developing frostbite! Hurrah!
  5. I saw two magpies today. I know, I know, this actually means NOTHING but I can’t stop myself from being superstitious. I haven’t seen a pair of magpies together since July of last year and since then my grandmother died, my boyfriend and I separated and then he broke up with me, so I’m fairly sure that seeing two together again can only be a good sign. 
  6. I am back on the internet! God bless O2 for trying with their mobile ‘broadband’ dongle thing, but it is NOT THE SAME AT ALL as being on actual broadband. I don’t have a 3GB limit and can download things! I don’t have to wait 10 minutes every time I want to go online! I can watch iPlayer and YouTube! God, so many reasons why the Internet is good (and not just for porn). I hardly know how I lived without it.
  7. There isn’t a squirrel living in the roof above my head. West London is lovely for its nature. Although I will miss my daily chats with the Robin and watching the fox family from my window, I will not miss the squirrel that has gnawed its way into the roof of my family home to create its nest right above the bedroom I was sleeping in. When you are all alone in a big house that you keep expecting to see your dead grandma’s ghost in, hearing scratching noises as you fall asleep is Not A Good Thing.
  8. Aline. My friend Aline is lovely.

That’s quite a lot of things. Essentially I am feeling pretty grateful and cheerful today. It also helped that it was a lovely sunny day and FINALLY it feels like spring might be on its way. Bring it on.

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