Times and Sunday Times to start charging from June

The prices aren’t outrageous – they are the same price as the newspaper, much cheaper if you get a weekly subscription (£2 per week). But when other newspapers like the Telegraph and the Guardian remain free to read online, is anyone really going to pay £1 a day to read Giles Coren? Apparently there are going to be ‘apps’ that enhance the experience and give added value, but what could those be? It seems very vague.

I suppose if it works for them, eventually all newspapers will move over to this model, which just means I will probably stop reading newspapers online entirely. I generally just visit the Guardian or Times Online if I have a spare 10 minutes during the week, see what takes my fancy on the homepage and read an article or two. If I want to read a newspaper, I’ll buy one, which I do once or twice a week. I still find reading in depth articles online difficult – I get distracted by links off to other sites and ads for other articles on the side of the pages.

Still, although I am unconvinced that many people are going to pay, at least they are trialling something. It would be a shame if we lost some of our best newspapers just because cheapos like me read bits for free online instead of buying it every day!

Link to article in the Guardian

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