Reasons to be cheerful

  1. This weekend has been generally pretty brilliant. Yesterday I a) went for a run, b) got to spend the day with my beautiful god-daughter and c) had a great night out with two lovely people, including one of my oldest friends. We had Chinese food, went to a fun bar which turned out to be having a lesbian night (not really what we were looking for, but the music was good), went to a club, went back to the lesbian bar, danced, danced, danced more, danced a little bit more, then attempted to walk home from Dalston in my £4 Primark shoes. Score! On the way home, we went to another club and danced more. I got in at 4:30 this morning (5:30 if you take daytime savings into account). It was a genius night.
  2. Despite the dancing and walking referenced in point 1), my feet do not hurt today!
  3. This week I am going to see Phoenix at the Roundhouse. I really, really, really want them to play If I Ever Feel Better because it’s my Favourite Song Ever, but I think it might be too old. If they play it, it will make my week.
  4. I am jumping on the iPhone bandwagon. I can resist them no longer. My phone is dying (it crashes ALL THE TIME now) and my iPod has run out of space, so I’m fixing both things in one go.
  5. My accommodation for Valencia is booked! It isn’t until July, but I am already so excited about Benicassim. We are staying in the city centre so when we aren’t at the festival having a dance, we can wander about and have lovely coffees and eat tapas and practice our Spanish.
  6. It is a four day week! In fact, two four day weeks in a row! Hurrah for Easter! Thanks, Jesus.
  7. Today I went to Spitalfields with some friends and bought three VERY pretty dresses for spring. I know it is due to snow this week (!) and I know it will rain almost every day for a month now, but still. It really feels like spring is here. The days are so much longer already. The daffs are out and there are cute little narcissus growing in the allotment I pass by every day. There are also some bluebells popping up in the park. Nice.

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