Balcony garden

So, since the UK will soon run out of fruit and vegetable thanks to the ash cloud, I have started on the summer planting. This year I have more space than ever thanks to the balcony in my new flat. Unfortunately the actual balcony faces north and gets very little sun, but the ‘hallway’ on the other side of the flat is open and gets lots of lovely sunshine all day every day.

So far I have been growing coriander in my bedroom on the north side, and this is going crazy so I really need to start eating some coriander flavoured foods soon.

I am also planning to have some salad leaves and some tomatoes this year, after last year’s success.

Look at those beauties! Every one of them went into my tummy.

Today I planted Red Pak Choi. I have no idea how to grow this and most websites just have information on what it is, with very little helpful advice! Any suggestions are most welcome. I planted the seeds in rows about 3 inches apart, but I’ll pick out the weediest looking ones once the seedlings start to come through (if they do!). I’ll also post some pictures once there isn’t just soil to look at.

Anyone else ever planted red pak choi (or just pak choi generally – apparently it is very similar)? Any tips? What are you growing this year?

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