Marketing fails

On the bus yesterday I passed by two very dubious ad campaigns.

  1. The new Hotmail slogan: “The new busy is not like the old busy” – First of all, that sentence is totally nonsensical. What the hell does it even mean? How does it relate to Hotmail? The only thing I know about Hotmail is that whenever I log in to my old account it is full of spam from other people on hotmail who have had their accounts hacked. This campaign does not make me want to start using them again.
  2. An advert for Wall’s ice cream showing a woman in a tank top holding a ice lolly with the catch phrase “Lick it” in large letters across the van. Ugh. Sigh. I know sex sells and everything, but Wall’s is supposed to be a family friends ice-cream company – it’s not Magnum for god’s sake!

I think the Wall’s example was just an individual van owner showing dubious taste, but the Hotmail advertising is plastered across 12 sheets all over London at the minute. It just seems so ridiculous that someone was actually paid to come up with that slogan and design those boring, cheap looking ads. How!? What does it mean? Seriously. Any answers?

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