Field Day 2010

Field Day was a hipster watching paradise. There were so many unusual hair cuts! So many all-in-one jumpsuits! There was a woman wearing 5 inch heels and a bathing suit!

We got inside at about 3:30pm. I’m not sure who we saw first. I was told that it was Egyptian Hip Hop, but it didn’t sound particularly Egyptian or particularly Hip Hop, so not 100% sure about that. Possibly Fact? Whoever they were, they were really good. Much better than Simian Mobile Disco who was playing in the tent next door and who I had actually planned to see at 3:30.

Next we headed over to The Fall, who I did not rate at all. It sounded like an old crazy man shouting.

Then Hudson Mohawke was on. I saw him DJ before Phoenix earlier this year and he was fantastic. This set was really good but the tent was way too crowded. I think he has a lot more fans than the organisers anticipated. It was absolutely packed with people wearing t-shirts of the album cover. I tried to sneak my way in, but without much luck. So I bopped about at the back, enjoying the music and the atmosphere, which was pretty friendly.

We then had some pretty delicious food (although were SHOCKED by the prices at some stands. £1 for GRAVY?! Wtf?) and headed over to the Archie Bronson Outfit. I can’t remember them to be honest, I think because we were sat on the outskirts eating and chatting. We found a pair of Guess sunglasses at that tent, that is my main memory.

8:30 saw James Holden take to the stage and Peter patiently waited outside while my friend Eleanor and I went a little dancing mad. Dancing dancing dancing, breathe, dancing dancing dancing. He was awesome. I am going to download his album and pay actual pound for it, it was that good.

And then finally Phoenix were on. They were a bit disappointing, compared to the last time I saw them. I guess I just like their older stuff I lot better, so was disappointed that they didn’t play very much of it. I think they actually only played one old song, which luckily is my favourite, If I Ever Feel Better. Everyone in the crowd went wild for that one, so maybe they all felt the same way I did.

Once Phoenix was over, the festival was pretty much done. We did try to go dance in one of the dance tents, but that shut down about two minutes after we got there. That’s the trouble with festivals in urban areas – the noise pollution issue means everything ends really early. As a Victoria Park neighbour I am usually grateful for that, as you can hear the music pretty clearly when the wind is right, but on Saturday I was ready to go out and dance for the rest of the night. There was some kind of after party, but that was miles away in SE1. As it was, the park is a 5 minute walk from my house and the allure of my bed was calling pretty strongly once the dance tent shut down. Watching all the other trendies make their way to the tube, I was so glad that I just had to cross the canal to get home.

Good points: James Holden; Gucci Sunglasses; really good burrito; Hudson Mohawke; hanging out in the beautiful weather; hipster-watching

Bad points: The Field Day website is ATROCIOUS; gravy = £1; terrible reception, which meant I didn’t find some of my friends for the whole festival and had SEVEN voicemails when I got home; ending too early

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