Reasons to be cheerful

I got into a bit of a bad mood yesterday, due to overtiredness and lack of food. I think there was a bit of the alcohol blues in there too due to much drinking at Field Day. So it’s about time for another reasons to be cheerful post.

  1. Flowers! See previous posts about enjoying London’s flora and having lots of beautiful roses in my bedroom.
  2. I’m going to Hot Stuff for lunch on Friday and CANNOT WAIT. This is the best Indian food in all of London. I know that is a bold claim. It is true.
  3. Although my summer of music has now ended (Field Day was the last thing I had tickets for this summer), I still have lots of things to look forward to including some travelling in October, tickets to Ellie Goulding in November,Β  the ballet in December and more travelling in December.
  4. Remember the Milk – how have I lived without this site? My to do list has been revolutionised.
  5. My parents – really, the best parents I could imagine.
  6. The fact that I am about to spend the rest of the evening reading New Moon. So far it is definitely not as good as Twilight, but Stephanie Meyer fever has well and truly struck me. Literary GOLD I tell you.

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