Tonight, somewhere between the kitchen and the bedroom, I decided what I was going to write on tumblr.

“I’m quite drunk” I thought to myself. “Perhaps I shouldn’t write anything at all. Especially not this.”

But I shouldn’t have worried. Because I have completely forgotten what I was going to write. Instead, some pictures.

Today we planned to have our work summer picnic, but then the skies were grey and it looked like it might rain so we had it indoors instead. It was great! Beer! Massive scotch eggs with runny yolks! Rugs! Bad backs from sitting on the floor! We even had a wasp.


it’s a picnic, but on a half empty floor of the office. weird but also, kind of nice being inside?


We all ate too much.

Ooooo and then

The fairy lights I ordered from ebay arrived! They are pretty. They look nice in the bedroom, but the light is a bit scary when I’m in the loo and look out and it looks like my room is lit by the fires of hell…

OH, I remember what I was going to post about. I was going to post a re-enactment of the FREAKY thing that happened to me today that genuinely made me think I am being haunted by a poltergeist. Seriously. Two things happened today. But since I have told everyone I know (and if you know you, and I haven’t told you yet, don’t worry, I’ll get around to it) I’ll leave it for now.

Tomorrow will bring:

  1. A late start – huzzah! I have a meeting at 10 so get to wake up at 8am – a full HOUR later than normal
  2. Possibly lunch with an old colleague, but if not
  3. A walk along the east London line, from Wapping to Dalston
  4. A night in St. Ockwell

This weekend I’ll be selling books at the Vintage at Goodwood festival, so look out for me looking not-retro-enough-for-a-vintage-festival on the Gizzi Erskine stand.

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