This weekend


…ate a damn near perfect beef wellington, cooked by Peter

Sold some books with my friend Hannah and Gizzi Erskine at the Vintage at Goodwood festival.

Actually getting books to this event was a nightmare. The people we spoke to during the week gave us hazy directions and then every single staff member we asked gave us contradictory (and always wrong!) directions about how to get to ‘Gate 1’ where we collected our staff passes. Some people said we couldn’t get there by car, some people said it was near the hotel, some people said it was near the race track. All of them were drinking Strongbow, which shouldn’t be allowed when you are ushering cars about. Then someone told us we would have to carry 4 boxes of enormously heavy books from the visitors car park! I could barely even lift one! Thankfully a kind woman called Jess came to our rescue and some burly men carried them for us. It rained almost the whole time we were there. But when it didn’t rain, it was a gorgeous place

And then I spent Sunday making faces at my BEAUTIFUL god daughter Alice.

She is the cleverest and cutest baby I have ever met.

I also met Peter’s uncle and the editor of the Guardian’s finance section, I read the papers, completed the entire kakuro on Friday, and generally had quite a nice weekend.

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