The week

I saw the World’s Most Advanced Dry Cleaners

I went for a long walk but did not go to either the new or old horticultural hall

I ate some delicious dim sum at Leong’s Legend which then turned against me and gave me 6 hours of food poisoning. I guess that means that my favourite dim sum restaurant is now out and I’ll have to find a new one.

I had a few drinks at my favourite local pub, The Palm Tree

I bought a new perfume which smells amazing from Penhaligon – officially the most helpful perfume store I’ve ever been to.

7 of Peter’s tomatoes turned red and we ate them all up. Yum yum.

I had a pint in a sunny spot indoors

Not pictured: I also went to a wedding where the bride wore leopard print, held the world’s most intelligent and beautiful baby (my god daughter), celebrated my cousin’s birthday and cat sat for my friend in VoHo. I can’t believe the bank holiday is almost over already!

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