First ever sewing project: day 1

Today I began my first ever sewing project. Because it looks easy, I am making an apron. Most of my clothes are splashed in food, so chances are it’s already too late for this particular project, but still. Today I decided to spend 30 minutes starting it and see how far I could get.

I love this material. I bought a big bit of it for £2 from a shop in Lymington, where I was staying with a friend’s mum. I think to begin with, most of the material I use is going to be cheap, end cuts of cloth just to mess about with.

My first proper sewing! I sewed the bottom first. It went a *little* wonky, but it’s all character, right?

To tie the apron together, I am using a piece of thick brown ribbon I have had in my bits and bobs bag for years. Every year it gets pulled out at Christmas to wrap presents together, and every year I think “this is a ridiculous use for this ribbon”, but every year I re-pocket it and put it back in the bag. This year it will become an apron.

Don’t you think this is a great outfit? Pajamas, clashing stripey top and homemade apron. That’s a lot of patterns! Still, the apron = pretty good!

That’s the ribbony bit at the back.

Still to do:

Tomorrow I am going to sew the ribbon in properly, as at the minute it is impossible to tie as it keeps pulling back and forth through the top of the apron. I am also going to make two pockets to go at the front. The pocket big might take me longer than just tomorrow, but in theory, all being well, I should be done by Wednesday. Hurrah!

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