Nigella’s Kitchen

After seeing this on various people’s shelves in the office I caved in last week and bought a copy of Nigella’s new book. It is pretty smug but also quite lovely. I cooked from it tonight for the first time and the food was delicious. I made Sunshine Soup, which is basically peppers and sweetcorn. It looked a bit like sick but was very tasty. Not as filling as I had hoped, however. I didn’t have any bread or salad and am now absolutely ravenous!

Tomorrow I’m out for dinner, but this week I will be trying two recipes – Keralan Fish Curry from Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Easy and Pat Thai from this month’s OFM. They refer to it as Pat Thai over and over again in the magazine, but I always thought it was either Pad Thai or Phat Thai? Anyone know whether it is Pad, Pat or Phat? Either way, good food comes this way.

In possibly related news, I have just had to buy an all in one “body slimmer” as my black polka dot satin dress (which I want to wear in two weeks’ time) could now be mistaken for maternity wear. Fish curry and Pad Thai are healthy though, right?

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