Positive visualisation

When I have a particularly rubbish day, it can be quite hard to relax and stop thinking about work when I leave the office, especially if I have to get a rammed tube back home. So I have developed what I believe is technically known as a coping mechanism. It brings me a lot of joy. I listen to my ipod (any song, as long as there are good lyrics) and imagine the people around me participating in a music video. One of them will be the lead singer, someone else might take a chorus or two, there are the backup vocalists and the musicians. Then, in my head, I imagine them dancing and singing the song I am listening to. Tugging at their suits, holding their umbrellas or Metros as microphones, shimmying up to the hand rails…

Ok, it sounds a bit crazy when I write it out, but if you have an active imagination, which I do, I swear it is the best way to enjoy a tube ride. Today, I was feeling pretty stressed and harried by the time I left work, but a fat man singing Hungry Eyes to the woman in the middle of the tube (who in my head was dancing around the pole in the middle) improved my day substantially.

My other coping mechanism is to visualise myself on a beach in Thailand, getting a massage, something that will ACTUALLY BE HAPPENING in under three weeks. That helps quite a lot too…

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