Ellie Goulding, Jason Manford and other bits

It feels like it has been ages since I posted so this might be a long one!

On Friday I went to see Ellie Goulding for the FOURTH TIME THIS YEAR. For someone whose album I didn’t like at all the first time I heard it, that’s a lot! But once was as the opening act and once was at a festival, so I suppose it’s only really two actual shows. And if someone invites me to a gig, I usually say yes unless I really don’t like the artist. Anyway. It is definitely the last time.

The other time I saw her perform properly, it was at Heaven, which is a small club. There was nothing fancy, just a bit of cool lighting and some amazing drumming and singing. This time there was video during the songs, showering glitter, a little video message from Ellie and lots of talking. It was meh.

The Hammersmith Apollo is kind of gross place to see a show – I’ve never been there before for a gig (just for shows with seats) but BOY is their floor sticky. Ew.  The opening act (Sunday Girl) was featured in Wired this month (not sure why), but they were terrible. The lead singer had a look of St Trillian’s about her – all short shorts, tall socks, flippy long hair, and totally indecipherable lyrics. She got me thinking a lot about how some women are only attractive to men, whereas others both men and women think are beautiful. She was very FHM glamour model sexy. But my (male) friend and I were only really talking about that as she played. The music itself was pretty bland. Her acoustic version of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok was the highlight, and that is saying something in itself…

Ellie Goulding was good, but I think I have just seen the show one too many times, as my friend really enjoyed it but I found it a bit disappointing. I didn’t come away thinking “wow she is amazing” which is what I have thought every previous time. I thought the video message (“I mean, really I’m still just a regular girl”) was a bit nauseating and self-indulgent and her constant talking to the audience in a really… breathy… way… pausing between.. like… almost… every… word… was damn annoying too.  Oh well, now I know I won’t see her again. Although she did two new songs and they were pretty damn catchy…

I may have enjoyed it less because I was so hungover from the first Christmas party of the season. Oh dear, there was some dancing…

But I managed to get it together in time for Saturday, when we had a housewarming party at the flat. I got my hair done for the First Time Ever. Definitely doing that again. £15 at the Powder Room and I loved it. Worth every penny.

We also had the leftover sparklers from Fireworks Night.

In other news I went bowling on Monday and kicked some ass! (Ok, that is a lie, I didn’t do anything of the sort. It was really fun though.) Also got to eat at an amazing restaurant called Baltic in Southwark. Delicious pickled herring to start and then some really soft scallops with an amazing curried chickpea thing for mains. Yum. Definitely worth a visit.

Then, last night (it’s been all go this week), I went BACK to the Hammersmith Apollo to see Jason Manford with a big group of people (this time we were seated and upstairs, so no sticky floor issues). I have to say some of us were not that keen at all given his recent sex pesting issues. Then, the support act was ABSOLUTELY DIRE. Holy hell – every now and again there would be a lyric that was funny (they were a comedy band), but too little too late. Not impressed. But when Manford did eventually come on stage, he dealt with his ‘indiscretions’ early on and managed to win everyone over. He was just really, really funny. And seemed nice. There was an annoying encore thing (do comedians have to do encores now too? Really? I hate the encore – unless people are literally standing up screaming for 10 minutes, don’t come back on stage), but overall, I really enjoyed the show and definitely hope I can see him again when he’s back in London next year!

Phew. It’s been a busy week so far. Tonight it’s just The Apprentice and some leftovers. Then it’s off to Birmingham tomorrow for the Good Food show (anyone else going?), followed by thanksgiving with my parents at the Modern Pantry (LOVE THIS PLACE), and a burlesque trapeze show (Madame Pain) on Friday. My social life is nothing if not varied, right?

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