Book review: Started Early, Took My Dog

Bringing back the wonderful Jackson Brodie (now accompanied by a friendly little pup he rescues from a bullying owner), Started Early, Took My Dog is another great Kate Atkinson crime caper. The difference between her and some of the other crime novels I read is that her characters are so vivid, so well-written, and so sympathetic. So whether it is the aging actress suffering from dementia, cooking casseroles and four in the morning, or the ex-police woman who buys a small child after seeing her mother being abusive toward her, or the main character, Jackson, who I am slightly in love with, all of the characters are just superb. And the plot also rockets along with so many twists and turns – just a great read. I want to go back and read all of Kate Atkinson’s books all over again, which is how I always feel whenever I read any of her books. So, so good.

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