London, innit

This weekend I went to see Matthew Bourne (no relation to Jason)’s Cinderella. It was soooooo pretty. Peter had never been to the ballet before, and I am not 100% sure this changed his mind, but I loved it. The sets were great and the dancing is beautiful. He just has such a different approach to dance. I especially liked the main Cinderella character and her soldier prince. I did not particularly like the good fairy – he seemed to only have one move, which he did over and over. But other than him, the evil step mother and step sisters were brilliant and I just thought the whole thing was so well pulled together.

I also went to the Underground Christmas Market at Ms Marmite Lover’s house in Kilburn. It was lovely. Cookery demonstrations in the kitchen, a goody bag (plus I got a secret goody bag for knowing that Tea for Joy was going to be there), a campfire, a HUGE cheese display – if it hadn’t been for the THRONGS OF PEOPLE, it would almost have been like something at a quaint country fete.

Everyone was really friendly and I picked up one or two nice things. It was freaking busy, though. When they set up another campfire on the VERY SMALL BALCONY leading to the garden, I decided it was time to go home before I caught myself on fire.

But I didn’t go home. Instead I met Peter at a pub in Chalk Farm. Did you know that Chalk Farm and Kilburn are only 3 miles apart, yet it takes an hour to get there on the tube? Neither did I. But apparently that’s how long it takes. Still, it was nice. Went to a lovely pub called The Engineer for a bit of pheasant and a hell of a lot of veg. Tasty stuff.

Then we walked along the river to Kings Cross to catch the tube back home. It was so nice along the canal – just a gorgeous crisp day.

Look! It’s my boat!

This morning I found myself on a different part of the canal walking down to Mile End and I noticed that it has actually FROZEN! Yes, it is THAT cold.

Thank God I’m going to see my family in the Caribbean for Christmas, otherwise I might just not get through it (okay, I see I have lost your sympathy there, but it was worth it).

This week is comparatively quiet compared to last week. Went to a pint and a pie tonight with my ex tonight, which is becoming something of a tradition with us, and tomorrow night is my work Christmas party mach. 1. I have a well person’s screening on Friday at 9am, so I think I shall not be enjoying the free booze as much as I might otherwise. But we have another (bigger) work Christmas party the following week, so will just have to make up for it then…

PS: Bacon jam = still amazing. I had it as a burger relish at the weekend and it was very tasty. Plus, I am pretty sure by this time next year the whole world will know of its benefits as both a condiment and a flavour on its own. I now have one friends who has made bacon jam and is planning on giving it as gifts to her entire family.

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