December highlights

It’s been an action packed last week or so, with Peter and I having fake Christmas, beating the snow and heading out to Trinidad to spend time with my family, and then arriving back in London just in time for New Year’s Eve with some of my favourite people. Highlights were:

A great fake Christmas with Peter – amazing wrapping, lovely presents, champagne, smoked salmon, and osso bucco.  The perfect last day in London before flying out to POS.

Maracas Bay

Shark and bake

This woman is dishing up corn soup, but she represents all the amazing foods in Trinidad: roti, stewed chicken, callaloo, oil down, bread pudding, pigeon peas… oh I ate well.

Spending Christmas with my family and seeing old friends.

Driving around Trinidad and taking in the scenery.

Walking to Pops’ Waterfall

Spending time with my parents

Listening to creaking wood in the Bamboo Cathedral.

And then, back in London…

Wearing a bloody amazing dress for NYE that I picked up in Trinidad, but which ended up being from Debenhams (!?).

And finally, spending New Year’s Eve with some of my favourite people, drinking too much champagne, taking ridiculous photographs (almost entirely banned from the internet), watching the fireworks across the whole of the city – from Westminster to Battersea and Soho Square – and dancing up a storm. 

2010 has definitely seen some of the best and worst moments in the last decade for me. But overall it ended with me feeling happy and looking forward to the next decade. Welcome 2011!

All my pictures from December

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