Gig: Two Door Cinema Club

Who needs a band when the audience is this hyped up before they even start?

Seriously amazing playlist before they came on featuring ATB’s Til I Come and Sash’s classic Encore Une Fois. I haven’t heard those songs since Celine brought home a eurotrash CD after being in France one summer during high school. Brilliant.

Less brilliant was when one of my friends pointed out that when Encore Une Fois came out, the lead singer of the band we were about to see would have 6. WHAT? I am oollllllddd.

Apart from a few tossers (by which I mean drunk 15 year old boys literally tossing beer into the crowd and tossing their long bieber-esque hair about in the mosh pit), this was a fantastic gig. I kept thinking “They don’t have that many songs, so they’ll probably stop now” but I forgot how many songs of theirs I really, really like. Unlike some gigs I have been to in the past where it feels like the encore is really forced, I genuinely didn’t want them to leave the stage. So fun.

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