On my mind

  1. My technology is shit. My broadband seems to only work in fits and starts. I had the router replaced, which then broke, so as a ‘what the hell’ solution, I plugged the old, apparently broken one in, and now it seems to work just fine. If only the same thing would happen to my laptop, whose screen has gone so dark you have to hold it at a 210’ angle just to see what’s on it. Sadly it is not insured, so it’s time for a new one. In the meantime, I am using Peter’s, which does work but which is EVEN older than my previous laptop, so we’ll see how long this lasts.
  2. Money, or lack thereof. My trip to America pretty much wiped me out, but there are a LOT more holiday plans for this summer so I’d better find some funds soon.
  3. Holiday! The flip side of having no money is that I’ve spent it all on pretty fun things. Coming up are France, Cornwall, Newcastle, camping, Latitude (okay, that’s free as I go for work) and Switzerland.
  4. Summer! I do love summer and the nice long, warm days BUT
  5. Hayfever! I spent about 2 hours today sneezing. Miserable

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