Tonight I went through three boxes of things that I had left in New York, which my parents have now brought over to the UK. God, what a treasure trove, I wish I had weeks to read through it all. Sadly I don’t right now, so it has all gone in the attic, but things in the boxes included:

  • My favourite dresses when I was 12
  • My flower girl dress at my aunt’s ill-fated wedding
  • My school uniform
  • LOTS of yearbooks
  • My autograph book, signed by Paul Daniels, Debbie MgGee, and the executive producer of Quantum Leap
  • So, so many letters. Mainly from my best friends Emily and Naama from Trinidad and Mexico, respectively
  • But also letters from ex boyfriends, including the love letter from the boy I met in Cancun, who I was with for around 9 months (and am still in touch with now! Hello if you’re reading this!)
  • Endless journals
  • My art books, which, to be frank, are ace
  • My portfolio of writing, including the articles I wrote for my high school newspaper and the articles I wrote while I was in India
  • My favourite childhood books, including The Velveteen Rabbit, the Narnia books, The Worst Witch (signed), Where The Wild Things Are, and so many more
  • Workbooks and papers from when I was a child, including “Writing” from when I was very very little, through to the children’s book I wrote and illustrated for an English assignment (“this is her first children’s book, but one of many English assignments” my biography says on the back), up to My Family History, which got me a tick plus plus plus (THREE PLUSSES!). 
  • My ‘friendship journal’ with my BFFE when I was about 11

Sigh. It all made me wish I was about 12 again. Which is something I NEVER wish, as now I have money and my own flat and a lovely boyfriend and great friends and no one ever stops speaking to me because today is “let’s not speak to katie” day, and I live in London which is amazing, and I get to do pretty cool stuff most days at work. But still. Sigh. Maybe I should have read through my journals – then I might remember how very difficult school is!

Anyway. I thought that was all the boxes, but am now desperately hoping my parents will find another one in amongst their things, as am missing my yearbooks from high school and a number of other very key books to my youth. Looking back through the things today, it felt like such a time capsule – I thought about stories I had completely forgotten, and people I barely remembered. I am so, so glad I kept all these bits. I must try to remember how great that feeling is next time I move.

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