Bits of my weekend

Ah, a long weekend in the Alps this weekend. Some friends I went to the France/Switzerland border to carry things into storage at one of my friends’ mum’s house. But that was just the excuse. The real reason was to eat cheese, drink wine, and make puppets. 

Wine, cheese, meat. Yes.

A nighttime barbecue ended in us using candles to determine whether the chicken was cooked (could have been dodgy, but fortunately, it was).

The puppets were made so that Aline can take them with her to Africa, where she is moving for two years. Neither George nor Sophie nor I want her to forget us, so we shall force her to take these lovely ladies with her wherever she should travel in Zambia.

Chamonix, about an hour’s drive away.

Looks like a hummingbird, and we did deliberate on whether it might be some kind of dwarf alpine bird, but on closer inspection, these amazing little creatures had tucked in legs (6) and feelers. A Google search later and it transpired that they are Hummingbird Hawkmoths. Amazing. I could have spent hours watching them buzz around the flowers.

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