Capture Challenge: Warhol’s Soup

I’m taking part in Michelle’s Capture Challenge. This month, the challenge was to take inspiration from a famous piece of art and recreate it using photography.

After exploring the Tate’s amazing free art resource, I decided on the route I wanted to go down: recreating Warhol’s famous Tomato Soup painting. I used my favourite tomato soup brand, rather than Campbell’s (I also couldn’t find any Campbell’s tomato soup – only concentrated tomato soup, so decided to stick with what I had in the cupboard!), and tried to match the angle as closely as possible. I also want to concentrate on my focus. The lens I have at the moment doesn’t have autofocus on it, so getting a crystal clear focus when using a shallow depth of feel is a bit tricky and something I really want to practice.


Heinz Warhol

If I’m honest, this was a *bit* of an easy subject, but it was still fun to practice taking it from different angles with different backgrounds. The above is by far my favourite and I think it turned out well, if not quite so iconic as Warhol’s version!

My second choice of painting was to recreate Hume’s Blackbird, but I can’t seem to get a blackbird to pose adequately for me. If you know of  a tame blackbird that wouldn’t mind jutting his beak into the sky just so, let me know.

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